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Reasons to Live: #14-26 | lifestyle

hello friends! 
I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. 
-Jan 3. 2016
hi hello!
First I want to say, I am very very aware of the fact that this is SUPER LATE!. I really thought that I had posted one last week! With no further ado, here is my latest list of things that make me happy!

Also, each and every single one of you deserves and happiness and deserves joy and laughter and life. Pretty pretty pretty please NEVER EVER let anyone, even yourself, tell you that you don't. If you are contemplating suicide or know someone who is, please, please, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Someone will be available 24/7.

14. Organizing. Or cleaning things out and finding things that you thought that you lost but actually didn't and now you have it again and it's awesome. Do you like my super cool run on sentence? 

15. Starbucks. Specifically, surprising your sister with Starbucks and waiting outside of her history class with above mentioned Starbucks and then making her entire class jealous. This was on the 12th-in case anyone was wondering. No but seriously, I loved doing this. I have a free class after lunch (when my sister has history), and we were both sorta feeling down in the dumps. I had money, so I sorta felt like it was my duty/job/sibling obligation to do something about it, and so I did.

16. Michael Clifford. Or boys who are addicted to video games and have a dye addiction and are cute and pale and have adorkable laughs and seriously the most sassy things ever and we adore them and their amazing voices because they're stunning.

17. 5SOS. Because they finally have an album and that made me so happy and I'm just really insaley proud of how big they're getting and so much is going on and I can't belive it. Sorry this one really doesn't make any sense but yeah.

18. Summer. The fact that it's almost here and I can literally feel and it's getting so super duper hot and stuff. No but it's getting really hot, and I'm actually just getting really restless waiting for summer to FINALLY just happen already. Because, first I have to ge through finals and that just doesn't seem likely.

19. The first practice/workshop of the season. Color guard started again on the 14th as of now, my being part of the team is super duper tentative, but I convinced my mom to let me go to the first workshop. If you didn't know, I did guard both my freshman and sophomore years, and I'm talking about my junior year. But the workshop was AMAZING. As in asdfgjkl; amazing. If you get what I mean. There was just so much talent and so much excitement and omigosh it's amazing.

20. Chem groups. Or groups in any class where you have to do a really hard project together but you end up being really close with your entire group and it's a bond and you can't break it. I think anyone who's had any sort of similar experience will totally relate to what I'm trying to say.

21. Ice Cream. It's the best. I just can't say more.

22. An upcoming field show season. Because there is nothing better then new excitement and buzz and different ideas and thoughts and trying to guess and figure out what's going to be happening soon. It literally feels like the entire marching band is just trying to figure out what we're going to be doing next season and stuff.

23. Pizza. Omigosh it's so good. I just felt that I had to include it in this list somehow.

24. Senior Ball. I'm still a sophomore, but for anyone's who's graduating this year.

25. Running. Exercise. Feeling happy and proud and joyful of your body. It's important to love your body. Especially during the summer.

26.  Poetry Slams. They're just amazing. I have no other words.

Again, thank you so very for taking the time to read this!

Until next time,
Archita (@architaxb)

Posted while listening to High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup.

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