Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Reasons To Live: #152-165 | lifestyle

hello friends! 
I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (architaxb.wordpress.com), producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. 
-Jan 3. 2016

hi hello!
I hope that you're having such a wonderful day! Today I will be sharing things that make me very happy and smile and laugh and feel good! 

152. Junior Prom. I really wasn't sure if was going to go or not, and I did, and it was wonderful and I loved it so, so, so much! I would really recommend going, because I had such a fun time with my friends and made beautiful memories.

153. Tapestries. This is something that we did in my Contemporary Lit. class, where we reflected on our lives, and presented them to our class. I learned so much about my class mates, and it was a beautiful, bonding experience.

154. Apricots. I'm including this, because right now, apricots are in season, and my sister is OBSESSED with them, and they make her smile a lot.

155. Watermelon. My favorite FRUIT!

156. Graduation. Most people (in the class of 2016) have graduated, and if not they're graduating soon! I think it's so amazing and wonderful to see where people are going, and how their lives are changing.

157. Cupcakes. They're wonderful.

158. Cookies. Specifically, the homemade ones that are pretty much fresh out of the oven. (I might be hinting at an upcoming blog post)

159. When your hands and toes are painted. I feel like when this happens, I have got my life together. Also, it's just fun.

160. Matt Nathanson. I had the pleasure of hearing him live a few days ago, and it was truly a top ten moment. He's incredible at interacting with a crowd, and he's so cheerful and happy. Also, his voice is AMAZING.

161. Christina Perri. I listened to her at the same concert as the one I saw Matt Nathanson, and again, I cannot say enough nice things about her. She's so cute, and energetic, and it's so clearly visible, when you watch her perform that she's in love with what she does. I think that kind of passion is beautiful, and I think she's so amazing.

162. Beautifully colored scrapbooking paper. I recently bought a GIANT pack of scrapbooking paper, and the sheets are so beautiful and colorful with all sorts of prints, and that makes me happy.

163. People who compliment other people, just cause. This is me thanking the cute little old lady at work last week who called me pretty and then said "I must get that a lot" because it MADE MY DAY. (ps. no I don't get that a lot)

164. Lasting friendships. My dad's friend (they went to high school together) came and visited the US, from India with his family. Both families had dinner together, and I found it really cool that they went to high school together!

165. Big dreams. Relating to the above reason- They both came from really small towns and had this dream to come to the states. To me, it's really cool to think of how far they've come.

That's all for now. I want each and everyone of you to know that you're a wonderful and beautifully made person, and that I hope life brings some magic your way. If you're ever having some scary thoughts and want someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Someone will be available to talk 24/7. 💕💜💙


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