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Reasons To Live: #226-237 | lifestyle

hello friends! I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. -Jan 3. 2016

hi hello!
I hope that you are having a bestest day that is not sucky, and if it is, I hope you watch funny and or cute videos to make it better! Here's a cute quote that I really like! I know my life has been super busy, (read my last post for more details!) but it's also been SO amazing and wonderful and all sorts of awesome.

In this spirit of lovely things happening to me, I wanted to reflect on all of the great things and make a reasons to live! It's been AGES since I did one (I think I mention this in every single RTL) but loads of cool things have happened and I want to share!

Also!! I know that these posts are a lighthearted and really nice way (for me) to reflect on the good things happening, but if you are ever having scary/bad/not good thoughts, please, please, please do not hesitate to call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline [1-800-273-TALK(8255)] or the Trevor Project Lifeline [1-866-488-7386]. Someone will be available on both 24 hours a day. Please remember that every single one of you is a wonderful, incredible, talented individual who deserves good things. 

226: High School Graduation I know that this is super cliche, but I am so incredibly
happy to be done with high school. Not really academically, but I'm really proud of myself for getting through it, emotionally, and I'm working to get through all the emotional (and physical) damage that I did to myself in the last four years.

227: Moving Houses! For the last four years, my family and I have rented out our home to another family so that my sister and I could go to a specific high school! However, now that we're done with high school, we got to move back into our home! I was super excited about this, because I have so many wonderful memories in this home.

228: "A" My bestest friend in the world, (for my birthday) took an A (for Archita) and collaged all of these lovely words and quotes that she thought represented me or were things that I should strive to be. It's one of the nicest things anyone's done for me, and I'm a huge sucker for sappy things like that.

229: Morphe 350 Palette I know this is a bit (or a lot) superficial, but (if you couldn't tell) makeup is a huge part of my life. I love playing around with colors and creating fun looks and practicing my skills. For my birthday, my sister got me the Morphe 350 palette, and I genuinely started crying. She's heard me talk about it a bunch, but I never bought it because it seemed expensive, and I am so in love. I use it every single day and it's just the best.

230. Dancing with the lights off At my going away/graduation party, we moved some tables around and turned off the lights, and played some really great dancing music, and danced! It's a weird kind of feeling to explain, but I felt so lovely and loved and incredibly, gorgeously happy.

231. Little kids who want to hold your hand Typing that out makes me sound a little creepy, but I absolutely love little kids, and at my birthday party, one of the girls (she's 4 years old) was so sweet and she wanted to draw with me and when we were dancing, she held my hands and I felt so enamored. Having the trust and love of a child is one of the best, beautiful sacred things in the world.

232. Good Friendship There's this post that I liked on tumblr, and I liked it about a month ago, when I only had three other friends, who are all amazing and wonderful people, but I didn't really have a big group of people who I hung out with 24/7. And, now!! I have a group of like 6 friends and we're so close and we eat lunch and dinner together, and I feel so incredibly loved and it's just a great feeling.

233. My Roommate!! She's so sweet and lovely and her name is Simmy and she's the best! We both are really into makeup and fashion (her more in fashion, and me in makeup) so we take the same amount of time to get ready, but spread out in different ways. We're super different people, but in our core beliefs we're super similar so we get on very well.

234. Birthday Cake! It was my roommate's birthday a few days ago, and my
roommate's parents' (being the cutest people ever) ordered a birthday cake all the way from San Diego and had it shipped to our dorm!! It makes my heart so happy!!

235. SLFL Mountain View It's happening today, and I really wanted to (irrationally) go home and be there just for the concert, but I'm watching all the videos on twitter and instagram, and I'm just really proud of 5SOS and how far they've come since ROWYSO Mountain View!

236. Going Makeup Free In the past week, I haven't worn makeup for a few days, and it's been a very interesting feeling? I usually feel super uncomfortable when I don't wear makeup, because it bring out all of my insecurities, but I think a) because I have early morning classes, and am pretty lazy, and also b) have a really great group of friends who I'm so comfortable around, I don't feel a big pressure to wear makeup which is pretty cool and big step in self love for me!

237. LGBT+ Student Alliance A few friends and I went to the "call out" meeting, which is basically a meeting where you get an intro to the club, and it was one of the coolest things ever! We got these little name tags, and we wrote our name and also our gender pronouns, which makes me so happy! It was an incredible loving environment, and I felt so great!

Thank you so much for reading this post, and for reading about me! In
the comments below, please tell one amazing thing that's happened to you lately!


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Packing for College! | back to school

hi hello!
I hope you're all having a lovely day! I am super excited to start my back to school series for this year! If you didn't know, I am heading off to my first year of University in the fall, which I am super nervous and also excited for. As I go across the country, I've compiled a massive list of everything I need, from dorm supplies to toiletries.

I've listed some of the "main" items below, but here is the full document, that (if you'd like) you can copy and print! A lot of these things will depend on where you're going to college and what your school is already providing for you! For example, I get a trash can, desk with lamp, dresser, mattress, bed, smoke detector, and internet outlets.

Big Stuff/Furniture
The standard residence mattress size is 36” x 78”
  • Trash can + recycling bin // Desk lamp // Book holder (put notebooks + folders) // Cups to put pens, pencils in

  • Fairy lights // Chalkboard sign (bunting) to write name of college on // Cork tiles // Push pins // umbrella //

  • Mattress pad topper // Sheets (2) // Pillow covers (2) // Duvet cover // Comforter // shoe rack // storage shelves (check when you get there) // Ottoman (storage + use to get up onto bed) // bed riser (if don’t loft bed) //

  • Towels (2)  + Face Towels (2) // Make up organization // hangers // Shower caddy // bathrobe //
  • Microwave // fridge // hand vacuum //

One thing that I would strongly recommend you do (especially if you are flying or driving far for college is the Bed Bath & Beyond Pack & Ship program thing. A friend of my mom's actually told my family about this, and I'll quickly explain how it works. You go the Bed Bath & Beyond that's in your store and you go around and basically create a registry for all the things that you want. When you're done, you select a store that's close to your college and all the items that you selected will be there for you to pick up when you are ready to move in! It's pretty great because you can ship a lot of the big stuff (comforter, pillows, lamp, mattress pad) and so you have more room for clothes!

Small Stuff

  • Command strips (will need a TON) // surge protector (!!!)
  • iPod speaker (tbd) // flashlight // batteries //
  • cough drops // cold medicine // Painkillers // Benadryl // Band aids // gauze // boroline //

School Supplies

  • Tape + refills // Stapler + refills // Mechanical pencils // Regular pencils // Erasers // Sticky notes // Scissors // Notebooks // Paper clips + binders

Make sure you remember to pack medicine/band aids/general first aid stuff because you're no longer living with your parents and you need to have that in case of accidents! Also, school supplies. I don't think I'll need things like colored pencils but I will need pencils and binders and sticky notes.

Also, I feel like a lot of everyday/hygiene things, it's best to buy it from a store once you get there, because again, saving space for clothes!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any tips for college or moving
in general, please leave them in the comments below!


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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

High School Reflection | life

hi hello!
I hope you're all having a lovely day! I am, because today, I went on a walk to the community center (it's about 10 minutes from my house) and I literally sat outside for probably an hour just listening to music and looking at flowers and listening to the ducks quack and nothing else. That might seem weird, so let me explain. If you didn't know, the last four years of my life I have attended high school, and on June 2nd, I graduated!

The last four years, I feel as if I've had very little "free time" to simply sit and think and not stress. It's hard to explain, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I felt so free. Graduation was a weird experience. I really didn't think I would get emotional, as high school was not particularly exciting, but I felt this incredible sense of accomplishment - for turning into who I am and for what the future has to offer.

My sophomore year of high school, I took Chemistry Honors with a brutal teacher. I've always been really shy and introverted (I hate talking in front of groups of people) and this class basically required you to talk and present and I despised every second of it. I'm horrible at chemistry and was majorly (still am, if I'm being honest) intimidated by my teacher, so I never felt comfortable asking for help. Chemistry Honors sucked, put simply. It made me sad, upset, self conscious, self loathing, and overall not a happy or self loving person. I lashed out at my friends, but mostly at my family - specifically my mom. I'm not saying that this teacher was bad to everyone, but I felt that they had favorites, and you had to be outgoing and confident to succeed in their class - two things that I am not.
I made this poster at the start of 2014, as a way to reflect on who I was a person and how I wanted to change. I vowed not to look at it until I graduated high school, which I now have!! I wanted to go through the little bits of this poster and explain what each part means, and how it has changed to fit me today.

The top left hand corner asks "do you still like reading". The answer is yes, of course, but I cannot remember the last time I read a book that I hadn't read previously. One of my goals for this summer, is to read more. My poster then reads "DIY's are fun so is makeup so is fashion so is life". I'll admit, when I saw this line a few days ago, I teared up. This poster was made shortly after I started my blog, which I made as a safe place where I could express my interests without feeling judged or frivolous. That statement rings so true to my life today.

I never learned how to make a friendship bracelet, but I am proud to say that I now have 1,411 twitter followers, and have made several friendships. Hellokatyxo is one of the first youtubers who I started watching, besides Zoella, and I am happy to say that I am still a huge lover of the content she produces.

A note to myself that says "get through high school, it gets better - so I've been told" has never been truer. I am proud of myself for
making it through emotionally. I never learned ASL and it is still part of my "to-do" list. My spanish sucks, and will probably never be good at it. Referencing my blog, I said, "no one reads it. you still write it. still?" This was something else that made me tear up, because while my lil baby blog is still a baby, I recently hit 13,000 total page views, something that I am so proud of.

I still watch Tanya Burr and Zoella, but I am no longer obsessed with them, I now watch them in the same way that I would catch up with family (even though they don't know I exist). My room is neatish, and my signature has stayed the same. One Direction and 5SOS are still my loves, but I longer support or idolize Jennifer Lawrence, as I have educated myself a bit. I told myself to branch out to music, specifically All Time Low and Green Day. I now love and adore ATL but am not an avid listener of Green Day. Taylor Swift is still my everything.

Most importantly, I am learning to love myself, my life, who I am, and my body. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! I know it's a bit different from my usual content, but it was extremely therapeutic to type up and reflect on my life. I will be making a new poster with a few friends that I will look at when I graduate college!


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Reasons to Live: #211-225 | lifestyle

hello friends! 
I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. 
-Jan 3. 2016

hi hello!
I hope you're all having a lovely day! 

Before we get into the post, I just want to say: each and every one of you is a lovely and wonderful person, and I hope that only good things happen to you. If you are ever having scary thoughts, please, please, don't hesitate to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) if you are in the United States. Someone will be available to talk to you 24/7. 

211. Mermaids I love mermaids and lately, I've been super obsessed with them. I really want to dye my hair multi colored, but my mum is major against that!

212. Spontaneous Hair Cuts I do this. a lot. and not even professionally, just me and my kitchen scissors. I know, it makes your hair super uneven, but I'm just way too impatient to schedule an appointment. 

214. Matte Nail Polish I want matte polish sooo bad! it looks so cool and chic, and a really lovely combination of badass and classy. 

215. Formal/Prom I finally bought my ticket! I was super confused about the price, so I had to pay $15 more than the original price, but I'm so excited! Mine is on May 20th, and I'll share my pictures and makeup shortly. Until then, read: 10 Things to Know BEFORE prom!

216. Cute Couples My friend Lauren and her boyfriend are so adorable. I don't know her boyfriend very well, but she's always talking about him and all the lovely, sweet things they do together. 

217. Childhood Homes I'm moving back into mine! I'm currently a senior in high school, and when I was in the 8th grade, my family and I moved house, renting an apartment so i could go to a specific high school. At the end of May we are moving back into it (after all of my finals are over) and I extremely excited. 

218. Redecorating My parents bought the house when my sister and I were going into first grade, from people who owned the house for about ten years, and the people who rented it after also had younger kids, so the house received plenty of wear. My parents have decided to remodel the kitchen and remove the carpet, and they're letting me help with the process.

219. Granite Recently, as part of the remodel, I've been coming along with my parents to chose exactly what the house should look like. I've always loved decorating and fixing up areas, so these trips have been pretty fun for me. We just chose the granite for the kitchen countertops, and I'll be posting more about the remodel in a separate post!

220. Cruelty Free Kitty I am currently in the process of transitioning my makeup so that it is all cruelty free! I feel like such a doofus for not having done this sooner, but I naiively thought that most companies did not test on animals. I'm still on the hunt to find a cruelty free drugstore foundation, but this blog has been extremely helpful in teaching about being cruelty free and where to find products.

221. Leggings Lately I have been wearing leggings so much! I usually don't wear them, because I personally don't find jeans to be uncomfortable, and I really like the put together look wearing jeans gives you! However, in the past month, I have been reaching for leggings and yoga pants so much. (second semester senior life)

222. Minimalistic Living I am currently doing a minimalism challenge, created by Rachel Aust! It's only been about a week of the process, but so far it's been okay. Obviously, partaking in this challenge doesn't make me a minimalistic person (as that would require a much bigger life change), but I thought it would be nice to explore!

223. My Baree Mami (Aunt) A little while back, in January, I visited India to go to a wedding and spend some time with family! I was only there for two weeks, and I spent a fair amount of time in Gurgaon, with my mom's side. My eldest Aunt on my mom's side is one of the nicest, sweetest people that I know, and lately I have been missing her so much.

224. My Grandma's Use of WhatsApp If you didn't know WhatsApp is a messaging app that connects to your phone, and allows you to individuallly and group message people all around the world. It's something that I use a ton, especially to communicate with my family in India! Recently, my Nani (mom's mom) got a smartphone, and she's been so active on it. She'll send jokes and audio messages to me, and I love how she'll forward all sorts of messages in our family group.

225. False Eyelashes I'm actually super intimidated by these, by I really need to practice my skills, because I want to wear falsies for prom! I just love how beautiful and dramatic they look, and they make any look appear way more special.

Thank you for reading this post! In the comments below, tell me one thing that you're grateful for! 

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Friday, April 01, 2016

10 Things to Know Before Prom! | lifestyle

hi hello!
I wasn't planning on putting this post up so early, as I thought there was still a bit of time until prom season officially kicked in, but since my school has already created the prom group & tickets are being sold for junior prom, I figured I'd get this post out there for anyone who has formal/prom coming soon! Also, all of these tips are things that I didn't know before prom, even though I watched/read countless videos & blog posts about prom.

1. Find your dress early. You don't have to have it 6 months in advance, but for me, finding it about 3 months before prom was nice, because I didn't have to stress about it.  

2. Figure out your bra/underwear/jewelry/accessories/everything situation before hand. It is not fun to be panicking right before pictures start because you can't figure out the right necklace to match your dress. I would recommend doing your makeup full on, once before the big day, just so you know everything looks good. Also, if you're like and don't wear false lashes, practice them beforehand!

3. Pack some extra shoes. I wore 4inch heels to prom, that made me 5'9"! I wore them for most of the night, and took them off when there was about an hour left. (I'm not a very big/expressive/using a lot of energy dancer though). The extra shoes that I packed were wedges, so they still made me taller, but were much gentler on my feet. OR, wear simple shoes. I promise you, no one looks at your feet. 

4. If you do chose to wear heels, make sure you practice walking in them. Remember, you're going to be wearing them for upwards of 5-6 hours. Heels will hurt you feet, but if you practice wearing them, then you won't be wobbling. You don't have to wear them all the time, but I strongly recommend walking in them a bit, just to get a feel for what it's going to be like.

5. Make sure that you love your dress. You may or may not be wearing it again, but you will be looking back on this night. Make sure that you feel happy and confident and wonderful and like a princess (or not, if that's not your thing). Just make sure that whatever you wear, you feel amazing in. On that note, please don't stress if someone is wearing the same dress as you! Chances are, if they're not in your main group of friends, you won't even notice. 

6. Take pictures at prom. Not just before, you know the pictures with the sun in the background and everything's lovely and picturesque. Those are great, do loads of those too! But also, take some blurry/fuzzy selfies with you and your friends after you've been dancing and running around. One of my biggest regrets of my prom was that I didn't take enough pictures. Also, if you're like me and don't really like to be in front of a camera (ironic isn't it), I still urge you to get some quality solo pictures of yourself. 

7. Smile. Make sure that the person who is taking your photos (especially if it's a solo shot), or the people around you are making you laugh. It make a huge difference in how the picture turns out, and looking at the photos will bring back happy memories and not uncomfortable ones. 

8. Don't be afraid to do your hair + makeup by yourself. Yes, you can totally pay for someone else to do it for you, but if you're trying to keep a low budget, or just don't want the stress of driving somewhere else, I strongly recommend doing it yourself. If you're not doing a fancy updo with your hair I think you could totally do it on your own. 

9. You don't need to bring an entire makeup bag to the prom itself. I brought a ton of stuff (blush, bronzer, liquid liner, eyeshadow, - literally everything) and the only things I ended up using were lip balm, lip gloss, and mascara. The lights are pretty low, except in the photo taking area, and you aren't really focusing on other people's faces. I promise you as long as you set your makeup with powder & a setting spray, you'll be fine. 

10. It probably won't live up to your expectations. Mine didn't. I think it has something to do with all the cheesy rom coms I watch about this girl who is finally noticed by the cute boy or whatever. That (obviously) doesn't really happen in real life. But please don't let that discourage you. My biggest tip is to try not to create unrealistic expectations about what's going to be happening, and just try and have fun with your friends. 

I hope you found this post helpful! In the comments below, tell me something you wish you knew before your formal!


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Reasons to Live: #187-210 | lifestyle

hello friends! 
I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. 
-Jan 3. 2016

hi hello!
I hope you've been having a lovely day! It's been absolute ages since I did one of these, but I love writing these sorts of posts. I find that they really allow me to happily reflect on the things that have been good in my life recently. Because I came back from India (about a month ago), I am still missing it like crazy. Thus, a lot of this post is India/family/wedding centered!

187. Mehndi. AKA Hena. It’s beautiful, it’s lovely, and it smells amazing.
188. Shaadi's. Shaadi is the Hindi word for wedding, fyi. I love everything about weddings, and the only one’s I’ve gone to are Indian ones, while I was visiting India.
189. a Barat. In case you didn’t know, Indian weddings tend to last for a few days (at least). On the day of the actual wedding, the groom (and everyone else onthe groom’s side of the family) dances over to the bride’s side. It’s about a half a mile walk, and it’s so much fun!
190. The milk that I had in Gurgaon. I went to dinner with my mom’s side of the family, and one of the shops had this delicious milk. It’s warm and sweet, and there’s some nuts sprinkled on top. It was amazing.
191. Harish Bakery. Where we went out to dinner 99% of the time while I was with my mom’s side of the family. We’ve been going there for ages now, and it just reminds me of family.
192. Protective Aunts & Uncles. This is basically everyone on my dad’s side of the family. As you all probably know, I live in the United States, but moved here when I was 18 months old. Whenever I go back to India, everyone is so nice and kind to me and I just get a million warm fuzzies
193. Spontaneous plans. A summation of my entire India trip.
194. School Uniforms. This is coming from someone who never had to wear a school uniform. Not sure, I just think there’s a lot of simplicity to them.
195. Leo getting an Oscar. I’m very proud
196. Beautiful marriages. I don’t think this requires elaboration.
197. Strong roots. My dad is so proud of his background and his family and whenever we go back to Kasganj, he’s just so happy and it’s lovely.
198. Joint families. Again, this is coming from an outsider’s perspective. There’s something so beautiful about staying connected to your family and being close.
199. Son Papdi. My most favoritest Indian sweet.
200. Panjeeri. My most favoritest Indian sweet that you can make at home.
201. Nose rings. I want one so bad. They’re so fun and pretty and yeah.
202. Kasganj. The city my dad grew up in, and where the wedding was. It’s amazing.
203. Tash (cards). We played cards so much in India and they’re just fun?
204. Bluff. This is basically the Indian version of BS.
205. Drones. My dad brought drones for some of my younger cousins (as presents for when we went to India), and they loved it! I must admit, they are pretty cool.
206. Maggie. This is basically Indian ramen? It’s delicious and amazing.
207. Centerfresh/centerfruit. Centerfresh is a gum that they have in India and you can literally go to the shop and just buy one or a hundred. They come individually packaged and they’re the best.
208. Bagged milk. Okay, I don’t know if it was the milk itself in India, or if it was the fact that it was bagged, but the milk in India was so good. The best. I loved it. Also, I just really love the idea that the milk comes in a bag and not a carton?
209. Rupee Candies. Basically, in India, you can go to the shop and get little candies for just 1 rupee (centerfresh is one of these). I love this, because I am a huge chocolate/candy/toffee lover so I got so many.
210. Sparkly eyeshadows. MY FAVORITE KIND.

Thank you so much for reading this post! In the comments below, tell me one thing you love about traveling!

Please remember that you are beautifully and wonderfully made and that you deserve all the most lovely things in the world. If you are ever having scary thoughts, please don't hesitate to call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) (USA number). Someone will be able to talk 24/7. 


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