Sunday, August 17, 2014

Reasons To Live: #51-65 | lifestyle

hello friends! 
I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. 
-Jan 3. 2016
hi hello!
Here are 16 things that make me smile. :-) I hope they make you smile too.

Every single one of you reading this blog deserves happiness and smiles and cuddles and sunshine and rainbows and life. Each of you deserve to live and laugh and be loved by someone AND yourself with the utmost amount of faith. I hope that none of you ever considers suicide and if you do, please remember that you can call someone at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) and someone will be there to talk to you 24/7. I love you.

51. Dolphins. They are the cutest bestest awesomest most adorabelest things in the entire world.

52. Elephants: They rank right up there with the dolphins. They're smart + intelligent, super pretty and just overall amazing.

53. Tigers: Seriously. They're one of my most favorite wild animals in the world. They're just so powerful, but then they can also be really cute and adorable (like when they yawn) and I just think that they're amazing animals.

54. Roller Coasters. I used to hate these but I've recently sorta become super in love with them.

55. Concerts. (Pretend that the emoji with the hearts for eyes is right here) Do I even have to say more?

56/57/58. Miranda Lambert/Justin Moore/Thomas Rhett. Who I saw live on Platinum tour on Saturday. I just love them. They were all super amazing and wonderful live and I was so happy to see them.

59/60. Cotton Candy + Kettle Corn. I have such a weakness for both them. Gimme gimme. 

61. Cute couples. While I am totally single, cute couples are just, well cute. I'm not saying like full on PDA just handholding and snuggling. 

62. Ed Sheeran. LOVE. His voice is beautiful. He's also kind and sweet and cuddly and funny. Need I say more? 

63. Decorating a locker. Hint hint to an upcoming post. Also, I just really enjoy doing this. It's really nice + you end up with a beautiful result + I find it personally quite relaxing.

64. Michaels. Omigosh favorite place on earth. Okay not really but close. I don't know how anyone even spends less than 30 minutes in one. Favorite place.

65. Jawbreaking. It's an online clothing store that seriously makes the best clothes. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Their clothes are usually wayyy out of price range (I'm pretty stingy with my money) but they are having a sale right now, which makes their clothes sorta affordable. If you're broke (like me) they have these really cool lookbooks + pictures that you can outfit inspiration from.

Much love,

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NOTE: I am not affiliated with any of the companies + products listed above. They just make me happy so I thought that maybe they'll make you happy too.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Reasons To Live: #27-50 | lifestyle

hello friends! 
I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. 
-Jan 3. 2016
hi hello!
I'm so sorry, it's been SO long since I've done a reasons to live! Let's get into it!

27: Moving. In my case this means a chance to redecorate and organize and get new posters and things like that.

28: DIYs. Which if you could not tell, I have always loved, but recently I have just really really really been liking.

29. Back to School Shopping. I don't particularly enjoy going back to school but I LOVE LOVE LOVE back to school shopping. As in buying notebooks and pencils and erasers and binders and cool things like that. And then putting them in a new backpack.

Note: I actually haven't done that much back to school shopping this year because I'm trying to go through all of the supplies that I already have so that I don't buy a bunch of highlighters and things like that which I really don't need.

30. The opening feature to a show. This is a color guard/band one. If you didn't know, I officially can not do guard/band this season. I know that it's my own fault, because my grades SERIOUSLY suffered last year and I need to bring them back up. On a more positive note however, my sister is still doing colorguard so I'm basically living vicariously through her. And in practice they just started learning their opening flag work and I think that it looks super awesome!

31. All Time Low. I've recently been listening to them a lot. They make me happy. Do I need to say more.

32. Pretty poems!

33. True love. Because I am a 100000000% a romantic and will always be. I sometimes which I wasn't because I feel like I have really high expectations for things. BUT, I believe that true love exists and that it is something that you should cherish.

34. Grey's Anatomy. I am OBSESSED. I adore this show. I just began season 4. ADORE.

35. Netflix. Because it has unlimited TV. Which is so totally enough to win me over.

36. Aquariums. I really want to go to one. I feel like when I was a kid I would go to them a lot and then I got to high school and we just stopped. I want to go to one.

37. Humpback whales. I've always really liked them. They're big and pretty and yeah. Do I need more.

38. Orca's. Or Shamu. Or Killer Whales. Whatever you want to call them. SERIOUSLY. I really like them. I think it has something to do with the black and white and how that's different from being just black or just white or blue or whatever. I remember being little and really just wanting go see Shamu.

39. Flowers and Sunshine. Yes I know this is like super cheesy and stuff but everyone in the world should go outside and hang out with their friend or their mom or someone and just sit outside and enjoy the sun. DO IT.

40. Picnics. Little sandwiches and watermelon and grapes and cheese and whatever else you eat on a picnic. While you sit on a checkered sheet and cool things like that.

41. Watermelon. Do we see a recurring theme here? Yes. No. Maybe so? It's really yummy. Sorry if you don't like it but watermelon is basically the only fruit that I like. If you don't just insert your own yummy fruit.

42. Chocolate. If you don't like fruit. Then maybe chocolate can be your fix.

44. Summer Concerts. Not that I've ever been to one. But I imagine that they are wonderful and loads of fun. Use your imagination.

45. Sleeping for an entire day + night. I did this like two days ago. #NoRagrets.

46. We are Complicated. The link is to it is below. It's basically a mashup combination thing of "We are NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER" and "COMPLICATED" and it just makes me so unbelievably happy. EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO IT OKAY.

47. Happy Little Pill. By Troye Sivan. Listen to it. Love it. Adore it. Be proud of him. OKAY. I am extremely in love with this song. SO YEAH.

48. TRXYE. BY Troye Sivan. It's his EP. It comes out soon. I'm proud. I don't have much else to say that isn't just a string of emotions.

49. Rock Out With Your Socks Off. It's the headlining 5SOS tour in the US and CANADA. And I'm really just extremely excited. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY.

50. BIRTHDAYS. And the reason that I have waited so extremely long to post this is because my birthday's happening soon and I'm really excited.

Thank you so much for reading about wonderful things that make me happy and I hope that at least one or some of them make you happy or smile a little at least. I hope you all know that you deserve to live and you deserve happiness and sunshine and rainbows and beautiful wonderful mysterious things.

Much love,

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