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hi hello!
There are several ways to contact me!

Email // The best way to message me if you're looking for a longer response or have a couple of questions. It's also how I prefer to be contacted if it's PR/company related! I check my email everyday, please feel free to reach out. My email is

Twitter // I am super active on twitter, and you can reach me @architaxb! I fangirl, tweet about my life, RT blog posts, and talk to other people!

Instagram // I adore instagram and post pictures almost daily. I love posting pictures of pretty things I see throughout my life. I'm over at @architaxb if you want to take a peek!

Tumblr // Tumblr has quickly become a favorite social media. I basically only reblog and fangirl, but it's a good way to learn about social issues, read pretty words, and watch silly videos (among other things). I'm at!
last updated on 11.3.2016

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