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Reasons To Live: #226-237 | lifestyle

hello friends! I have since switched to blogging on wordpress (, producing about the same lifestyle + diy-esque content that used to be on here! I've left all 'reasons to live' posts, as well as my original first post that began it all. -Jan 3. 2016

hi hello!
I hope that you are having a bestest day that is not sucky, and if it is, I hope you watch funny and or cute videos to make it better! Here's a cute quote that I really like! I know my life has been super busy, (read my last post for more details!) but it's also been SO amazing and wonderful and all sorts of awesome.

In this spirit of lovely things happening to me, I wanted to reflect on all of the great things and make a reasons to live! It's been AGES since I did one (I think I mention this in every single RTL) but loads of cool things have happened and I want to share!

Also!! I know that these posts are a lighthearted and really nice way (for me) to reflect on the good things happening, but if you are ever having scary/bad/not good thoughts, please, please, please do not hesitate to call The National Suicide Prevention Hotline [1-800-273-TALK(8255)] or the Trevor Project Lifeline [1-866-488-7386]. Someone will be available on both 24 hours a day. Please remember that every single one of you is a wonderful, incredible, talented individual who deserves good things. 

226: High School Graduation I know that this is super cliche, but I am so incredibly
happy to be done with high school. Not really academically, but I'm really proud of myself for getting through it, emotionally, and I'm working to get through all the emotional (and physical) damage that I did to myself in the last four years.

227: Moving Houses! For the last four years, my family and I have rented out our home to another family so that my sister and I could go to a specific high school! However, now that we're done with high school, we got to move back into our home! I was super excited about this, because I have so many wonderful memories in this home.

228: "A" My bestest friend in the world, (for my birthday) took an A (for Archita) and collaged all of these lovely words and quotes that she thought represented me or were things that I should strive to be. It's one of the nicest things anyone's done for me, and I'm a huge sucker for sappy things like that.

229: Morphe 350 Palette I know this is a bit (or a lot) superficial, but (if you couldn't tell) makeup is a huge part of my life. I love playing around with colors and creating fun looks and practicing my skills. For my birthday, my sister got me the Morphe 350 palette, and I genuinely started crying. She's heard me talk about it a bunch, but I never bought it because it seemed expensive, and I am so in love. I use it every single day and it's just the best.

230. Dancing with the lights off At my going away/graduation party, we moved some tables around and turned off the lights, and played some really great dancing music, and danced! It's a weird kind of feeling to explain, but I felt so lovely and loved and incredibly, gorgeously happy.

231. Little kids who want to hold your hand Typing that out makes me sound a little creepy, but I absolutely love little kids, and at my birthday party, one of the girls (she's 4 years old) was so sweet and she wanted to draw with me and when we were dancing, she held my hands and I felt so enamored. Having the trust and love of a child is one of the best, beautiful sacred things in the world.

232. Good Friendship There's this post that I liked on tumblr, and I liked it about a month ago, when I only had three other friends, who are all amazing and wonderful people, but I didn't really have a big group of people who I hung out with 24/7. And, now!! I have a group of like 6 friends and we're so close and we eat lunch and dinner together, and I feel so incredibly loved and it's just a great feeling.

233. My Roommate!! She's so sweet and lovely and her name is Simmy and she's the best! We both are really into makeup and fashion (her more in fashion, and me in makeup) so we take the same amount of time to get ready, but spread out in different ways. We're super different people, but in our core beliefs we're super similar so we get on very well.

234. Birthday Cake! It was my roommate's birthday a few days ago, and my
roommate's parents' (being the cutest people ever) ordered a birthday cake all the way from San Diego and had it shipped to our dorm!! It makes my heart so happy!!

235. SLFL Mountain View It's happening today, and I really wanted to (irrationally) go home and be there just for the concert, but I'm watching all the videos on twitter and instagram, and I'm just really proud of 5SOS and how far they've come since ROWYSO Mountain View!

236. Going Makeup Free In the past week, I haven't worn makeup for a few days, and it's been a very interesting feeling? I usually feel super uncomfortable when I don't wear makeup, because it bring out all of my insecurities, but I think a) because I have early morning classes, and am pretty lazy, and also b) have a really great group of friends who I'm so comfortable around, I don't feel a big pressure to wear makeup which is pretty cool and big step in self love for me!

237. LGBT+ Student Alliance A few friends and I went to the "call out" meeting, which is basically a meeting where you get an intro to the club, and it was one of the coolest things ever! We got these little name tags, and we wrote our name and also our gender pronouns, which makes me so happy! It was an incredible loving environment, and I felt so great!

Thank you so much for reading this post, and for reading about me! In
the comments below, please tell one amazing thing that's happened to you lately!


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